handling KLIP maprequests automatically and securely

KLIP is going completely digital. From 1 January 2016 onwards, not only the map-request, but the reply will have to be done in a consistent and automated fashion. All cable- and pipeline owners will have to exchange their information using the machine interface (API) and a common data exchange model.

This application is the tool developed by GlobeZenit to enable this for our clients. As a SAAS solution, this significantly lowers the cost as we can share the cost between different clients.

We can handle the conversion of your data for you. Once the data is uploaded, this platform will gather all relevant maprequests and present them so you can decide which are relevant and which are not. In most cases, if desired, the platform can even reply automatically.

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GlobeZenit is a Belgian surveying agency, specialised in Laser scan, surveying, large scale projects, developing custom GIS-technology, GIS for pipeline management.

Due to our expertise with specific client-oriented automation, large-scale data-conversion and yearlong experience in surveying and maintaining pipelines, GlobeZenit is your ideal partner.

Aside from offering this online service, GlobeZenit can assist you in preparing and converting your data to the required digital exchange format.


GRaphical Integrity Management of PipeLines

Originally it is the name of the geographic information system (GIS) GlobeZenit is continuously developing and improving, aimed at the management and maintenance of pipelines. Now it is the umbrella of all our related digital services we offer.


KLIP is the central portal for Flemish cable- and pipeline owners. It does not host the data, but enables the exchange between parties. Everyone who starts digging in Flanders, needs to register that work, and all cable- and pipeline owners need to reply indicating the precise location of their assets, if they are nearby and possibly in danger.